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New Indian Nursery Farm

New Indian Nursery Farm has rapidly grown and established itself as one of India’s leading horticultural service provider with prompt, efficient and cost effective services. In recent time New Indian Nursery Farm has developed an international profile with various contacts.

The company is committed to promote and develop the best practice in management of plants, trees, bonsai and seasonal flowers in pots and also give expert consultancy services in landscape gardening. Using the latest technology and modern horticultural practice we provide professional,. independent advice and the highest quality of service nationwide.

New Indian Nursery Farm provides a complete variety of indoor/outdoor plants in various shapes and sizes to suit individual requirements and taste. These can range from miniature bonsai plants, hanging baskets, flowering and perennial plants to trees. The type of plants required for each location is selected to suit the location, the interior/exterior aesthetics and the specific client requirements. Besides these, New Indian Nursery Farm also provides waterfalls for interiors and outdoors as well as laying of lawns, hillocks or pathways.

New Indian Nursery Farm has an extensive plant nursery where all types of indoor and outdoor plants are grown and nurtured.

Our Vision
Our vision is to enrich the humanity about all types of plants and enrich mother earth with abundant greenery through various types of plants. Through plants we would gift mother earth with an environment that is for all to survive. It would be a sigh of relief as both earth and nature are in need of greenery to tackle the issues of climate change and ever increasing emissions of poisonous gases around us.

Why Choose Us

Our work is anchored upon the firm foundations of harmonious landscape architecture & design. Oh! Yes, we are well aware of the latest buzzwords – “natural", "organic", "environmentally responsible", "ecology". Thus we take good care that our landscape systems are low maintenance landscape with only positive effects on our environment.

We specialize in supply of small plants to Large Trees till 3 Ft. to 20 Ft. Height. These ranges from old favorites to exotic and unusual specimen plants, bulbs, shrubs, topiary, groundcovers, different types of turf, earth and pebbles. We pride ourselves on selecting only the highest possible quality for inclusion in the range. We have a big team of trained and experienced staff. We have plants and landscaping ideas for every situation, so whether the spot you have in mind is sunny, shady, dry or just plain awkward, please don’t hesitate to ask for suggestion.